Brief history of the school
Parow High School is the result of an amalgamation between J. J. du Preez High School and Tygerberg Commercial High School. The new name is especially fitting as J.J. du Preez High School used to be Parow District High School. The most important reason is that Parow now has a school, which bears its name.
It was decided in 1991 to amalgamate the two schools, not only to form one strong school but also to preserve the traditions of the two schools. As the facilities of the Commercial School were more suitable and modern, it was decided to retain the site of the Commercial School for the new school.
In 1992 Parow High School was founded with Mr PT Theron as the first principal. There were 52 teachers and more than 800 learners. Something of each school was retained in the composition of the new school uniform, badge, rules, etc. Attention was also given to new elements because it was a new school.

Badge and Motto

The design of the school badge had to fulfil the following three conditions:

  1. The badge had to include the symbols and colours which appeared in the badges of the amalgamated schools – Tygerberg Commercial High School and J.J. du Preez High School.
  2. The badge had to be heraldically correct and had to be registered.
  3. The badge had to be acceptable to the majority of the school community.

Symbols such as torches and open books of knowledge are just as unacceptable heraldically as is for example, a rising sun. Therefore it was decided, in co-operation with the Bureau of Heraldry, to register the badge as it is. The two fleur-de-lis were part of the J.J. du Preez High School badge and represent the flower of an Iris as decoration. The chevron is an inverted V-shaped band symbolising progress. The star symbolises light. The colours, black and turquoise, (from the badges of J.J. du Preez High School and Tygerberg Commercial High School respectively) have been rounded off with silver.
The motto “Superare Possumus” means, “So we can transcend!” The motto is in Latin because it solves the problem of an Afrikaans and / or English motto in a dual-medium school.
The badge was registered at the Bureau of Heraldry in 1992. It is thus the official school badge of Parow High School and may not be used or displayed by any other institution, company or person.




Die skool se visie is om ‘n inrigting van uitnemendheid te wees waarop ouers, leerders en opvoeders trots kan wees en waar gebalanseerder jongmense ontwikkel word.


Dit is die strewe van die Hoërskool Parow om deur doelgerigte onderwys en onderwysbestuur:

  • ‘n rigtinggewende krag te wees aan leerders, ouers en die breë gemeenskap.
  • leerders op te voed en te begelei in ‘n Christelike omgewing met die oog op die aanvaarding en verwerwing van algemeen beskaafde norme en waardes.
  • die leerder te lei om sy/haar plek selfstandig, sinvol, waardig en verantwoordelik in die samelewing vol te staan.


Genestel teen die Tygerberg
in ‘n pragvallei,
‘n skool waar hart en intellek
en liggaam saam berei:
vir elkeen hier sy eie rol,
vir elk sy eie doel;
waar daagliks en voortdurend
die Heer, ons Heiland lei.

Through service and through leadership,
our culture ever dear,
aspiring to a higher goal,
the Lord our guiding light so clear,
participating all we can,
to give, believe and live …
Superare Possumus!
So we can transcend!
Superare Possumus!
So we will transcend!

(Music and Lyrics: Mr Anthony Costandius)



  • Clean and neat appearance.
  • Regulation school uniform.
  • Regular school attendance.
  • Not to leave the school grounds without permission.
  • A responsible attitude to all school activities.
  • Conscientious completion and punctual handing in of all assignments.
  • Regular study.
  • Active and responsible participation in classroom and other school activities.
  • Active contribution to a healthy atmosphere of teaching and learning.
  • Self-respect and respect for personal belongings.
  • Respect for the reputation of others.
  • Respect for all school property.
  • Respect for the etiquette of a specific occasion.
  • Under no circumstances to be in possession of any type of drug, alcohol, weapon, pornography or electronic apparatus or to buy, sell, distribute or use any of the above.
  • Heed and adhere to the fact that Parow High School is:
    o Smoke-free
    o Drug-free and
    o free of dangerous objects ,as well as the fact that any person may be searched without a warrant and that unauthorised persons may be prosecuted.
  • Not to participate in any form of occultism or gang activity.
  • Abstention from any form of misbehaviour.
  • Obedience and acceptance of authority and discipline according to the school rules.
  • To behave courteously at all times and to be a good ambassador for the school. Total abstention from any form of racism.
  • To develop a character above suspicion.